Our Story

Welcome to WooWoo! 

We are Tom and Atish, two London based entrepreneurs who have a love for well-being practices!

From sitting on a mat and counting our breath to life changing workshops, we are passionate about exploring the world of well-being events and are grateful for the benefits they have brought to our work and personal life.


Our Journey

atish-circleAtish got into the Well-being scene several years ago after reading “Buddhism for busy people” , whilst working in the city. This sparked an interest in meditation and also led to a regular Jivamukti yoga practice. More recently he has attended several retreats – from spending New Years in the mountains to a week of cleansing food, sun and yoga in India. When in London he is a regular at the London Buddhist centre, attends a weekly Urubu class and loves trying new wellness techniques such as transcendental meditation and reiki.



Tom’s joutom-circlerney through the well-being scene started with WakeUp London,  a young persons mindfulness group guided by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Inspired by a friend he also took up Ashtanga Yoga and later organised several mindful self-development retreats. More recently he has become passionate about exploring the world of ecstatic dance events and attends Sober Rave events around London. In his next steps Tom wants to explore the world of Tantra and become a Lucid Dreamer.


We met at a badly run meditation class and got chatting after both leaving at the break. We realised we shared a mutual problem due to the unstructured nature of the wellness space and the difficulty in separating good events from bad. We realised that in an ideal world we would all have a trustworthy friend who could guide us through this scene and explain and recommend events to us.

And so, WooWoo was born.


Our Vision

WooWoo is your cheekily enlightened guide helping you explore the world of well-being events in London.

We’ll introduce you to different practices such as yoga, meditation, conscious dance and events like workshops and retreats. We promise to keep it light hearted and explain them in an easy way. We’ll do this by curating the best classes and events out there and help you book tickets for them.

In time we want to a build a community of adventurists where you can share your experiences, read reviews and interact with others.

Our mission is to help you thrive physically, mentally and spiritually.

Start your journey now and check out our weekly event listings!


Giving Back

We understand that everyone feels stressed, anxious and/or depressed at times. Having experienced these universal emotions ourselves we know just how much these feelings can cloud our lens on the world. Whilst we’re all for fun and integrating well-being practices into a busy lifestyle, we also acknowledge that there are instances where professional help is needed. That’s why we will donate 10% of any profits to the mental health charity, Mind. 



You can get in contact with us if you’d like any more information on this.