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Tue 8 December - 8-9PM - - Virtual Breathwork - Gratitude - £35 - Online
Sat 19 December - 4PM-6PM - Daybreaker LIVE // ‘Tis the Season to Dance - Free - Online
Multiple Dates - 10AM-11AM - World Meditation Hour: Meditation for The World - Free - Online
Fri 25 December - 4PM-5PM - Christmas Day Yoga - £5 - Online

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Which Type of Yoga Should I Try?

Here in London we have the privilege of having access to SO MANY different styles of yoga classes – this choice has its downside however!  With such a large contrast between the styles, and a general lack of knowledge about […]

5 of the Best Ecstatic Dance events in London

Love Dancing Hate Hangovers?? Well we have news for you! There is a dance explosion happening in London at the moment. Thousands of people are deciding to go dancing alcohol-free. They are tired of the hangovers, fed up of being […]

5 of the Best Meditation classes in London

Meditation? People sitting cross-legged for hours pretending their legs don’t hurt, with nothing better to do? Well, that’s what it might look like from the outside but meditation is simply the relaxing practice of observing our thoughts yet not identifying with […]

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WooWoo London Abroad – BuddhaBar Experience, Sydney, Australia

Secret Fairy Tale Land – A Conscious Party As I walk down the steps and through an underground jazz bar/restaurant I get the feeling that I’m entering a private club. Like I’m part of some kind of secret members event […]

WooWoo London Abroad – The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

A little slice of heaven amids the hustle and bustle of Ubud – The Yoga Barn is my sanctuary. The sounds of excited tourists and locals offering taxis or a place to eat, suddenly melt into the background as I […]

BROUHAHA – A Deeply Meditative Dance Performance

The stage is empty. At first there is nothing but the distant, disembodied sound of a person whistling a high continuous note. Then two more whistled notes appear, one after the other, and the three notes clash faintly with each […]

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