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  • Live Like You Love Yourself 1st March for 3 months - 3 month transformational online course! Explore the theory behind topics related to self-love, realise the potential that’s within you through applying self-love, then uncover how to make this potential a reality!
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5 of the Best Ecstatic Dance events in London

Love Dancing Hate Hangovers?? Well we have news for you! There is a dance explosion happening in London at the moment. Thousands of people are deciding to go dancing alcohol-free. They are tired of the hangovers, fed up of being […]

5 of the Best Meditation classes in London

Meditation? People sitting cross-legged for hours pretending their legs don’t hurt, with nothing better to do? Well, that’s what it might look like from the outside but meditation is simply the relaxing practice of observing our thoughts yet not identifying with […]

5 of the Best Yoga classes in London

Yoga? Downward dogs, LuLu Lemon Pants and only for flexible people? In fact Yoga is an ancient Indian Philosophy of life aimed at spiritual union. But for most of us it mainly revolves around the  physical practices  on a mat […]

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Rainbow City’s Rise and Shine – Hippy festival vibe meets chic modern night out

Do you sometimes feel like the world is too polarised; like you can be either red or violet but not the colours sprawling across the spectrum?  Either throw away the suit and flaunt your groovy stardust yoga pants, or else […]

How do you explain “woo” stuff to your mates?

When you swear by your new practice, when you experience a spaciousness, ease and power from your new diet that makes you superior, when you believe you have found the way and others are  wrong – you have basically become […]

A Women’s Perspective : My Journey into Human Connection & Sexuality

— I very nearly didn’t write this: the topic was rather difficult for me. But sometimes, things need to be said, a voice wants to be heard. And sometimes, the more your mind resists your heart’s desire for openness, the […]

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