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WooWoo London Abroad – BuddhaBar Experience, Sydney, Australia

Secret Fairy Tale Land – A Conscious Party

As I walk down the steps and through an underground jazz bar/restaurant I get the feeling that I’m entering a private club. Like I’m part of some kind of secret members event and as I walk to the back of the room, I can’t help but feeling excited, knowing that the diners at the restaurant must be wandering where I’m going. I get to a door where I see candlelight, colours and people with looks of pure bliss and joy on their faces.

I am welcomed through and feel like a character in a fairy tale land. This land is filled with the kind of music that I cannot help flowing and dancing to, people with paint on their bodies and the smell of fresh cacao and incense in the air. The moment I stepped through the doorway, it was like I had had a spell cast upon me. The outside world didn’t exist anymore. I was fully immersed in this world of love, freedom and bliss.

Intuitive Body Painting

My friend Laura joined me at the Buddha Bar Experience. After walking around the venue in a trance like state, with the look of what can only be described as a ‘kid in a candy store look’ on our faces, we sat down with Irene – a mystical soul, offering intuitive body painting. She spent time and attention connecting with us on an energy level before intuitively knowing what and where to paint on our bodies. My experience sitting with her and being painted was extremely grounding. As she painted my legs and talked to me about what she could feel from my energy, I felt exactly where I was supposed to be. I knew I was in need of connecting with mama earth, deeply. And so I floated away, dancing for mama earth.


After a guided movement session, everyone seemed to be energetically sparkling. The session allowed everyone to fully arrive, to be present and let their egos melt away ready for a night of dancing until our hearts were full to the brim of love and joy. I danced until my feet hurt, then I let myself rest in one of the many sofas and arm chairs dotted around the venue in little coves. Resting here I felt just as much a part of the magic, I watched the beauty of the movers and dancers and made connections with new and wonderful people. I watched the environmentalist and magician – Adam Axford – spark joy and mystery in people as he performed eco themed magic tricks.

I got back onto the dance floor after a while for a climactic DJ set. Let me tell you, the music was incredible. The perfect mix of recognisable songs and deep house music that allowed me to get into a trance state of movement. There was not a single point during the night where the dance floor seemed empty or lacking in electric vibes. The energy created by the dancers and the DJ’s – Meiken and Andy Bird – was incredible.


Alcohol and Drug Free

The lack of alcohol and drugs at the party was substituted by pure, conscious love and joy.   It allowed me to create deep connections with myself, the music and others without harmful substances affecting my mind and body.   I was setting my body free on the dance floor, relishing in the awareness of the ecstatic energy we had collectively created.  By no means did we miss out on the sensory pleasures of delicious drinks and snacks though!  With a conscious bar selling an aromatic mixture of holistic elixirs, every wish and every craving was fulfilled that night.

The night as a whole was pure magic.  My friend and I walked back to the train station feeling that electric buzz through our bodies, a sleepy smile on our faces and paint on our arms and legs. Collapsing into bed that night was like sinking into a marshmallow after long night of dancing until my legs couldn’t carry me any longer.

Conscious Party: BuddhaBar Experience

Photographer: Will Solis

Intuitive Body Painter: Irene Emily

DJ’s: Meiken and Andy Bird

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