How to Detox your mind for the New Year written by Inner Space, Covent Garden

WooWoo is delighted to start 2017 by introducing Inner Space Covent Garden as our first guest blog writer for WooWoo London – with a post on Detoxing your mind. These 4 handy tips could really help you blast off with your happiness levels at home and in the workplace during 2017!



A Mind Detox

Christmas feasts and New Year celebrations are over.  The New Year has begun and we’re looking forward to a ‘new and improved me’ in 2017.  Detox, diets, hobbies, self-development are all the rage for January.  Are you ready?

Introducing a mind detox isn’t always easy. Looking back at past experiences, we start the New Year with good intentions but so easily crash and burn before January’s over. How can we ensure success and stay on track with our mind detox?

Detoxing is essentially like removing something, but you have to fill that empty space, otherwise it’ll refill with what you don’t really want or need.

One. Falling back onto old habits.

Mind detoxing is important, but understand that there is no point in detoxing if we’re planning to fall back into old and unhealthy habits.  It’s not about finding a quick fix for the moment, but making a new beginning. So as we go about introducing new habits, ask yourself, “What would you like to replace?” And have you thought about what you want to replace it with?

Two. Giving up?

Detoxing is not about giving up, eliminating something or depriving one’s self. It’s about finding interesting new methods to include more – more variety, colour and even more flavours.  We don’t have to just focus on changing food or drink. Try exploring all areas of your life where things could be altered. For example: rearrange your room at home or your space at work; incorporate new exercises into your day; or simply add a little more unscheduled movement. Being spontaneous enables everything to be more fun and healthy. Side note: have you tried the StandUp app that reminds you to stand and work for 2 minutes every hour whilst you’re at your desk?

Three. Don’t be hard on yourself.

It’s really easy to slip or fall off the band wagon when trying something new. Don’t be too hard on yourself or take it too seriously. Slip-ups happen. We’re human. It’s OK! All you have to remember is to pick yourself up and get back on track.

Why do slip-up’s happen?

Are you aware of where you’re likely to slip-up?  Are you a worry wart?  Do you over-plan and become inflexible? Once you know your personality glitch(s), you can plot out how to bounce back easily.  What are your antidotes for worry or inflexibility? And when you feel like you’re walking into a possible minefield of situations, or spending time with someone who is almost guaranteed to rub you up the wrong way…what then? Have you thought of a positive game plan, a way to make the situation easier?

Four. I Am Resilient.

Detoxing is a challenge in itself, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve failed before you’ve even given yourself a real chance. We all have expectations of how we want things to go, but just check, are they realistic?  Only then can you be truly resilient.

Any changes, no matter how enthusiastic we are, can cause unconscious resistance. Just as when you do a physical detox you take supplements to strengthen your body, support your mind by feeding it positive insights, readings, conversations and even good company.

Did you know that every thought affects your DNA expression?  So be empowered.  Remove toxic thoughts that clog up your thinking, clarity and leave you feeling empty.  They’re thoughts that aren’t your natural constitution.  What is our natural constitution?  Our brain is wired towards positivity.  Anything else is toxic.  So, healthy thoughts are simple, natural, and something you can instantly recognise as you.

Finally, keep your goal in front of you.  What does the end picture look like, what does it feel like?  Remind yourself, ‘I want to do this’.  Why?  Because I want to live life without limits.

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