WooWoo London Abroad – The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

A little slice of heaven amids the hustle and bustle of Ubud – The Yoga Barn is my sanctuary. The sounds of excited tourists and locals offering taxis or a place to eat, suddenly melt into the background as I […]

BROUHAHA – A Deeply Meditative Dance Performance

The stage is empty. At first there is nothing but the distant, disembodied sound of a person whistling a high continuous note. Then two more whistled notes appear, one after the other, and the three notes clash faintly with each […]

Which Type of Yoga Should I Try?

Here in London we have the privilege of having access to SO MANY different styles of yoga classes – this choice has its downside however!  With such a large contrast between the styles, and a general lack of knowledge about […]

How do you explain “woo” stuff to your mates?

When you swear by your new practice, when you experience a spaciousness, ease and power from your new diet that makes you superior, when you believe you have found the way and others are  wrong – you have basically become […]

The often rocky road to mindfulness & well-being

I started practicing meditation around seven years ago, when I was suffering with insomnia due to standard life BS. My best friend who was, and still is, seriously into yoga and very spiritual, recommended a meditation app which would help […]

The Paradox of Mindfulness

We’re delighted to feature this brief blog post by Singhashri Gazmuri, who is the Programme Director at Breathworks. Life these days can be hectic. We all know what it’s like to go from morning until night without even remembering what […]

dynamic meditation

Dynamic Meditation in London – My Experience

We’re delighted to feature a guest post about Dynamic Meditation written by Cara Amy, who has also joined us as an Agent of “Woo” to help spread positive vibes in this City we all love! Over to Cara.. My journey […]