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Rainbow City’s Rise and Shine – Hippy festival vibe meets chic modern night out

Do you sometimes feel like the world is too polarised; like you can be either red or violet but not the colours sprawling across the spectrum?  Either throw away the suit and flaunt your groovy stardust yoga pants, or else stay caught in the rigid straitjacket of a corporate, formal world: seen as one “type” or another depending on your appearance and not for the complex soul that blazes inside?

I think things are changing, as more and more people are becoming conscious of their wellbeing, incorporating wellbeing practices into their daily routines (perhaps as a coping mechanism to deal with the stresses of modern life – or maybe going deeper and finding unexpected spiritual connections).  And so you have more and more corporate hippies: there is some breaking down of the barriers and merging of worlds.

Yet still, there is a tendency (we all do!) to judge based on appearances, on what we see outwardly projected at any given moment in time.  And that makes it is just so refreshing to actually see it when worlds literally collide spectacularly, embracing opposites and somehow encapsulating polar extremes.  Imagine in one night, you can be every different component of yourself, those different sides coexisting and coalescing, celebrating, connecting, and creating a joyful atmosphere with others who are doing just the same.

Where am I going?  Well, a fortnight ago, I entered the pristine, clean, swanky lobby of Millbank Tower dressed in rainbow harem pants with flowers in my hair, wondering whether I was in the wrong place and whether a carefree, alcohol free, anything goes, conscious party was really going on upstairs?  I must admit, travelling up the lift I thought I was dressed entirely inappropriate: should I have worn a pretty dress and heels?  Was I too hippy for this place?

Then – emerging into the sky bar – my worries were dispelled.  The smell of white sage and incense met with clean polished white floors and stunning views over London; this was a clash of worlds where anything was possible, freedom to express whatever you were feeling in that moment.  Girls in rainbow catsuits danced alongside those dressed glamorously for a night out, to the eclectic fusion mix of electronic music, classic timeless tunes, and tribal drumming (with some seriously fantastic bongos that flashed all colours of the rainbow), and children running between dancers’ legs.  This was awesome, this was uplifting: this was bringing out the best of humanity, of modernity, this made me think – we are making progress as a species.

So very highly rated: everything down to the food and the drinks.  If you’ve ever had a cacao ceremony, love it or hate it, but you will think of bitter dark sludge perhaps slightly subdued by the sweetness of honey or the kick of cayenne pepper – not an easy-drinking moreish mocktail to stylishly sip.  Rise and Shine again takes things to a new level with cacao milkshakes flavoured for different chakras and moods: like rose-infused Love which I may have had one too many of and in my hyper, blissful ecstatic state, bought some extras for strangers.  All consciously of course; why not spread the love?

The world needs more spaces like this: spaces which nurture the soul and spark so many beautiful connections and just make you glow and smile.  This is definitely a party which will make you feel 100% woo! – all while entirely sober.


My parting thoughts – Just Dance, till those shadows in your head and the demons in your heart are chased by the music shining through your soul and the terror of the night becomes a blooming thriving flower of eternal springtime; Winter ice forever thawed by the rainbows their giddy bliss unravelling the beauty that lies within.

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