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How can I incorporate Well-Being Practices into my busy life?

Balancing working life and well-being practices such as yoga or meditation can be a challenge, especially when faced with multiple other commitments and the career oriented nature of London life. However, finding a balance between your practice and your work can bring dividends to both.

Here we have a look at some real life job situations and recommend daily well-being practices for them. These can be incorporated into your daily routines and will help you keep fit, wake up in the morning,  focus at work, wind down afterwards and get a restful nights sleep.


The South London Hipster Architect

Woo, What’s my Problem?

I run my own practice but sometimes I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Sitting at my desk all day means I lack exercise. My mind gets overwhelmed by problems to solve and I find it hard to concentrate on the project I’m working on. Sometimes I have to stay late in the office, my diet suffers, and I eat fast food. I can find it hard to wind down after a busy day full of client meetings.

WooWoo’s Well-Being medicine :

> Morning Yoga, for instance at Yoga-rise Peckham is a great way to start the day and has the double benefit of waking you up and giving you a good early morning work out.

> Healthy Breakfast Follow this up with a healthy breakfast of  porridge oats, banana, raisins, and tea or coffee which will give you a good start to the day before hitting the office

> Mindfulness Bell Incorporating a mindfulness bell on your computer  can help you keep focus as well as keeping stress levels under control while working.

> Weekly 5 Rhythms Dance A weekly dance practice can help you unwind and stop thinking about those design projects and pesky clients. We recommend a class called Sweaty Thursdays in Vauxhall.

Top Tip – You can combine eating at lunchtime with meditation – just close your eyes and hold the taste and flavour of the food you are eating in your mind.

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The West London Psychology Student

Woo, What’s my Problem? 

I’m a busy student with a tight schedule and a lot to get done. I find that I get very stressed and a little scatterbrained during my exam period. I enjoy exercise but can get a little carried away.  I ‘m on a budget and so many yoga and meditation classes are out of my reach. WooWoo can you help?

WooWoo’s Well-Being medicine                    

>Meditation Practice A meditation practice for even as little as 10 mins a day in the morning and evening can help you keep your stress levels under control during exam periods. It’s completely free and you can do it anywhere just download the Headspace or Insight Timer app onto your phone.

>Lulu Lemon Yoga – Lulu Lemon stores offer complimentary Yoga classes at the weekends and have stores across London! You can combine this with your own self practice – all you need is your own yoga mat!

>Wake Up London  – this young person’s mindfulness group offers donation based afternoons of mindfulness for those aged between 18-35. This is a good place to unwind once a week and meet other like-minded students who may be going through similar experiences.

Top Tip – If you go into a Pret a Manger after an early morning yoga class and ask nicely they will give you a free coffee!

Businessman Practicing Yoga

The North London Human Rights Lawyer

Woo, What’s my Problem?

I have a long commute into work which can be tiring and unproductive. Although my work is interesting it can also take a toll on my body. After work I would like to find a well-being practice in central London that I can do before I head back on the train. I’m cash rich but time poor. I could also do with a little more exercise and stretching as I spend long hours at my desk.

WooWoo’s Well-Being medicine                                                                         

>Mindful Morning Commute  There are a few practices you could take up to make your morning commute mindful. See Thich Nhat Hanh’s book ‘Work’. After waking and before you travel to the station every morning, try reciting a mindful affirmation to increase gratitude. Something like  ‘waking up this morning I smile and am grateful for 24 new hours to live – I vow to look upon all beings with eyes of understanding. The train is an ideal place to practice mindful breathing, sit and focus on your breathing and intentions for the day . You can also listen to a mindfulness talk/ or inspirational talk from the “On-being” or  “Plum Village” websites.

>Mindful Rush hour Walking Rather than following the crowds and rushing into the office, leave just a few minutes earlier and give yourself time to enjoy a slower mindful walk to and from the train station. Practice walking meditation, breathing slowly, feeling your feet on the ground and letting the sights and sounds of the morning wash over you.

>Wind down After Work and head for a yoga class, pilates class or a massage  at the Light Centre in Moorgate or Belgravia. The ultimate place to unwind after a stressful day.

Top Tip – If you can find a Yoga studio nearby you can even book in a Yoga class during your lunchbreak!


WooWoo London is here to help you explore the well-being scene. You can trust that all our recommendations are vetted and that we remain impartial by not taking any sponsored ads.

If you would like us to recommend something based on your well-being lifestyle then please do contact us .

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